Tamara Mason
Women’s Sport Participation Officer – Moreland City Council

Tamara is the Women’s Sport Participation Officer at Moreland City Council, the only council in Australia to appoint such a role. Moreland implemented the award winning Allocation and Use of Sports Facilities, Grounds and Pavilions Policy back in 2009 as an outcome of their Active Women and Girls Strategy which found that only 8% of Moreland’s sports ground users were female.

Tamara is responsible for ensuring every sports club in Moreland fields a female team by 2019. The clubs must also field junior teams, have females represented on their committees and have an open membership ensuring they are inclusive of people with disabilities and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Given the demographics of Moreland, this requires clubs to think outside traditional recruitment methods and sometimes educate the community about the sporting club model and the sport itself!

Prior to this role, Tamara’s experience extends to a state level where she sat on the Victorian Women’s Cricket Association board and national level where she developed coach and umpire resources at Bowls Australia, implemented online training at Gymnastics Australia and re shaped coach and facilitator training at Cricket Australia.