Sports Surfaces Industry Tour

Monday 16th July


As the community continues to grow many local sports, local governments and education suppliers need more space to play sport. The Sports Surfaces Tour explores the latest technology and thinking around increasing carrying capacity of sports turf and surfaces. The Tour will hear from industry experts on how the latest technology is being used and embraced by the industry with hands-on visits around Melbourne.

Industry Tour

The Tour will include visiting sites that will provide insights to:

  • Natural grass – latest thinking, experiences on latest species and management practices to increase playing capacity
  • Hybrid surfaces – showing the different kinds of ‘hybrid’ surfaces and how they are being used for full fields and to reinforce high wear areas such as goal mouths etc.
  • Synthetic surfaces – showcasing the latest designs and technology
  • Hard surfaces – showcasing the latest designs and technology especially in urban design settings

Synthetic Surface Factory Tour

The Tour will also visit Polytan/APT manufacturing plant in Dandenong so that the participants can see the turf being produced from the yarn, the carpet and appreciate how a typical field will be developed.

Tour Logistics

The Tour departs from the MCEC at 9.00am and will return at 4.30pm, includes lunch and is limited to 50 people. Cost of the Tour will be $125 +GST per person.


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