As our population grows over the next decade or so to close to 30 million by 2030, can our sports fields cope with the growth in demand?

According to research already produced by Australia’s Football codes, we are in need of thousands of new sports fields to cater for general participation and specific upgrades to encourage particular groups such as women and children.  Within the inner cities this is almost impossible to have access to such a large amount of ‘new land’ with many turning to technology such as hybrid and synthetic sports turf. This need does not even accommodate the new modified games and casualisation we are seeing that is growing at a higher level than the traditional sports participation.

The National Sports Surfaces Conference will explore these key opportunities including:

  • Urban design and how it addresses future facility needs.  Exploring the design for active recreation spaces, needs for modified sports and the importance of aligning the needs of sports when designing the facilities.  For any local government interested in how future designs will need to be more innovative, the National Sports Surfaces Conference will provide the answers.
  • Design and Management to maximise usage and life expectancy, we will explore the best surface type and design to meet the intensity of usage that is being required.  Should new facilities for pocket parks move away from grass to acrylic cushioned surfaces, should school fields move away from mono-filament synthetic grass to a tape-system?  It is all about having a solution that is fit for purpose, with industry experts explaining what this means.
  • Planning to provide ‘Fit for Purpose’ sports surfaces is critical.  It is expected that in Victoria alone over the next 2 years more than 40 fields will need to be replaced due to age, with major civil works needed because of poor design a decade ago, this is going to be a costly challenge!  How can government bodies, sporting bodies, and schools plan to ensure that this doesn’t happen to them? A group of industry experts will share their insights on their design, procurement and project management that needs to be considered.

The National Sports Surfaces Conference also has strong industry support with all of the major suppliers of rubber, cushioned, synthetic and hybrid surfaces being part of the Sport and Recreation Expo.  The Expo is free to attend, register your details now to come and see the latest in surfaces technology.

The National Sports Surfaces Conference registration cost begins at $1,145 (+GST), click here for details.