Robyn Monro Miller

President – International Play Association

“If we are going to get serious about the mental and physical health needs of our children we need to address the biological need for children to play. Play is nutrition for the soul like food is nutrition for the body. We cannot be deprived of either if we want to raise healthy children”. – Robyn Monro Miller

Robyn was elected to the role of President of the International Play Association (IPA) in 2017.

With qualifications in education, children’s services, community management and training Robyn has 30 years experience working with children and families across Education, children’s services, the community sector, charity and government. In 2012 Robyn was part of the international delegation to the United Nations in Geneva to progress the development of the UN General Comment on Article 31 “The child’s right to play”. 

Robyn has held representative leadership roles in Australian children’s services at a state, national level and international level for the past 25 years She is currently CEO of the children’s charity Kids Giving Back and a Board member of Play Australia. 

Robyn’s work as an advocate for Children’s Services has been recognised with the awarding of Commonwealth Centenary medal. In 2018 she was awarded the Joan Matheson Distinguished Service Award by Play Australia.

She is committed to ensuring that all children experience a sense of belonging to their community through guaranteed access to play opportunities and as active and valued contributors to their community.