NSC Conference

Thursday 20th – Friday 21st July


The focus of the NSC Conference will be on how to grow participation by encouraging more people to be physically active, to play, recreate and participate in community sport. It will also focus on the surfaces and facilities required to cope with growing demand and how best to support community clubs and organisations to achieve the growth.

Innovation Breeds Success
To grow participation as an industry we need to collaborate, partner in the planning, development and delivery of communication messages, programs, facilities, policy and strategies. Embracing global learnings may allow us to fast-track the Australian approach nationally, by each State and Territory and through local government, community sports organisations and the commercial sector.

Global Plenary and Keynote Speakers
The NSC Conference is committed to bringing together the globes and Australia’s leading thinkers, policy makers, service providers and decision makers focused on growing and retaining community sport and recreation participation. The key subject areas for the Global and Plenary Sessions include:

  • Exploring community sport and recreation needs to engage, develop programs and retain the next generation of participants.
  • The Key Question – How does sport integrate and capitalize on casual or social participation into a traditional sporting pathway?
  • Understanding participation trends and insights to develop strategies for government and sport.
  • Innovative planning for future generations to use community aquatic, sport and recreation facilities.
  • The Hard Questions –  ‘fire-side’ interviews with people who have good insights to grow participation.

NSC Conference Streams

There will be four workshop streams over the two days for delegates to participate in, including:

  • People and Programs – exploring and sharing key insights and successful programs for key target audiences, including women, over 60’s, children and families and people from non-English speaking backgrounds and CALD communities.
  • Partnerships – collaborating to support the growth in participation between all levels of government, health, education, commercial sector and local sports clubs.
  • Sports Surfaces – appreciating how the latest technology and management practices for natural, hybrid and synthetic sports surface technology is allowing for increased playing capacity to meet growing demands.
  • Sport, Aquatic and Recreation Facilities – understanding the future needs of a changing population and the impact on aquatic, recreation and sports facilities planning, design and management to encourage the broadest community participation.

Day 1 – Thursday 20th July

Day 2 – Friday 21st July



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