Neil McIntosh
National Product Manager – Sports Line – Mapei Australia

Neil McIntosh has been involved in the building industry for the past 30 years including roles such as Product Manager with ‘Armstrong World Industries’, National Sales Manager with ‘Beaumont Tiles’, Director of his own National flooring company ‘Macfloors’ for 15 years which included waterproofing and the installation of all types of wall and floor coverings to now as National Product Manager – Sports Line with ‘Mapei Australia’.

Neil McIntosh has been working at ‘Mapei Australia’ for the past 4 years as ‘National Product Manager – Sports Line’ responsible for the growth and development of the ‘Mapei’ range of acrylic and polyurethane products, distribution and promotion of the ‘Mapei’ one and two component polyurethane adhesives for the synthetic grass market and horizontal and vertical drainage solutions using the ‘Mapei’ sub-base stabilisation products.

Neil belongs to the ‘Resilient and Sports System Division’ at ‘Mapei’ and is committed to the development of innovative systems, development of related chemical products in acrylics and polyurethane resins and adhesives for sports applications, and solutions for sub-base stabilisation. His experience includes technical and on-site assistance, support to customers and market development with new technical solutions.