National Sport Surface Conference

Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th July


As the population grows and wants to play more often outdoors, the surfaces need to be able to cope with the demand. Bringing together global and Australian leading thinkers, practitioners and case studies to showcase technology, management practices and innovative solutions that can improve playing capacity on fields and playing surfaces.


Natural, Hybrid, Synthetic and Hard Surface Can All Work Together to Satisfy Growing Demands

The importance of embracing the latest management methods, technology, planning and design principles will allow organisation’s to cope with the growing demand people wanting to play, recreate, train and compete outdoors. The National Sports Surfaces Conference will explore how the latest thinking is assisting all surface types evolve for great usage and how by installing technology into or near natural surfaces, it allows more for greater capacity on some surfaces while reducing the stress of natural surfaces.


Plenary and Keynote Speakers
  • Global Standards, Local Settings (FIFA, WR, FIH, FIFA, FFA, ARU, HA) – exploring standards and how the adoption of recreational use (e.g. Hockey 5’s, Rugby 7’s, One Turf etc.) is changing designs and standards of natural and synthetic surfaces
  • Innovative Approaches to Field Design to Address Industry/Usage Challenges
  • Hybrid surfaces – is it the holy grail or can it only cope with 30 hours a week?
  • The importance of civil engineering design and execution to ensure the long term sustainability of the sports fields


Conference Streams

Workshop Streams could include some of the following topics:


  1. New turf varieties being used by Councils and Clubs
  2. Councils changing from natural turf to hybrids because of increased participation and usage. Full fields and part fields
  3. Quality Control of turf prior to purchase. Know what you are buying. Many councils and clubs are being caught out purchasing inferior product

Synthetic/Hard Surfaces

  1. Resurfacing, recycling and reuse of synthetic surfaces
  2. School/education designs
  3. Designing a Multi-Football Field
  4. Hard surfaces for netball, tennis, Futsal etc.
  5. A-Z of procurement of a synthetic/hard surface field
  6. Optimising Design into the Landscape – Lights, Fences, Seating, Paths, Pavilions etc.

A full program will be available in February 2018.

The key sponsors of the National Sports Convention will be announced soon.