When attending a Conference or Expo, there is always the question of what learnings a delegate can ‘take back to work’.  Martin Sheppard, co-founder of the National Sports Convention 2019 (NSC) identifies the eight game changers that will feature at this year’s NSC Sport and Recreation Expo which will provide delegates with learnings to implement into their own workplaces, systems and cohorts.

  1.  Ausco Modular Pavilions – Accessibility has just become affordable

These modular pavilions were originally used by South Australia’s AFL and are now being embraced by all sports, including being integrated into local government planning, upgrades and capital works programs. They are up to a third of the cost of the traditional structures,  and can be delivered within 20 weeks. There is the benefit of a 30-year warranty, plus they offer the availability for a greater gender balance of users by providing a range of changing facilities. Ausco Modular will be on stand 143 and will feature on the NSC Sports Surfaces Industry Tour.

  1.     World Health Organisation – Global Action Plan on Physical Activity and Health

The WHO has produced a generational strategy that targets people to be more active for a healthier world through a systems approach. Fiona Bull, the architect of this approach, will be presenting on Wednesday morning at the Global Thought Leaders Session and then at the first plenary session after the morning tea break. Sport Australia has embraced this systems approach and it aims to align all interested parties who are keen to make their communities more active and healthier. All levels of government should listen to these presentations as it provides the opportunity to take this advice back to every municipality across Australia and make a difference locally.

  1.     ActiveXchange – Marketing intelligence connected with physical activity and sporting participation outcomes has been made simple and understandable

This start-up tech company has developed business intelligence solutions to enhance the way we think about analysing our potential client base. The impact that data and information can have on engaging and retaining more active members is assessed, and the process of intelligent marketing, by targeting the right person, at the right time with the right message, investment planning models and measuring social value. Alex Burrows will be sharing the insights that ActiveXchange embraces through market intelligence in a manner that proves significant value for sport, local government and aquatic and leisure centre managers on Thursday afternoon at the National Community Sport Conference. 

  1.   Intelligent Play – the world’s most intelligent sports field management and monitoring system

This intelligent management and monitoring system has been embraced by the UK’s English FA for every synthetic field that they fund, as it allows for the usage, maintenance and life expectancy to be monitored. The system counts the number of players and the sections of the fields that they are using, and then produces automated maintenance reports that identify the ‘hot spots’ of the field.  It can even let the client know if there is activity on the field at times there shouldn’t be and send a text message directly to a phone number. This tech will be available in Australia after July from FieldTurf, and it can be used on any synthetic or grass field. Alex Talton (CEO and Founder) will explain how it is revolutionising the industry in the UK and how it can work in Australia at the National Sports Surfaces Conference (Thursday 1.30pm). It will be featured on stand 70.

  1.     Big Stadium Hockey – Technology that allows international hockey fields to be laid, played and returned back to natural grass within eight days

In London recently, England Hockey, Harlequins Rugby Union, along with sports turf manufacturers Polytan, water management specialists Polypipe and natural grass consultants STRI successfully transformed London’s The Stoop rugby stadium into a state of the art international hockey surface to host the FIH Pro-league Hockey matches. Paul Kamphuis, General Manager of Polytan, the company that is responsible for this innovative approach, will share their learnings and insights at the National Sports Surfaces Conference (Wednesday 1.30pm). Polytan will also be at stand 163 in the Sport and Recreation Expo. 

  1.     Facility Planning Models for Future Generations – NSW Sport and Recreation

The NSW Office of Sport and Recreation’s sport infrastructure team over the past few years has developed modelling solutions to objectively identify the locations required for future aquatic, leisure and sports facilities. Exploring cross-boundary needs, these modelling reports bring knowledge and insight to a very political process with logic, insights and an objective view. We have seen approaches from renowned consultants and the university sector, but this sophistication takes the planning and decision making to the level it needs to be and will be linked to NSW government funding. It’s a real game changer and Karen Jones, (Acting) CEO of NSW Sport and Recreation will share her insights at the National Community Sport Conference (Thursday 1.30pm). 

  1.     PlaySport – 3 million more people active in 3 years!

Australia has a new communication portal that aims to work with community sport, government, event organisers, fitness providers and schools to connect with local people who want to be active locally. With a database of over 50,000 sport, recreation and physical activity providers already, PlaySport is providing an online platform for local people who want to find out about local opportunities. Through this platform, people can find information about walking groups, fun runs, fitness classes, sporting clubs and competitions. They are launching the platform at the NSC this year and are keen to work with every organisation to drive greater participation to your events, clubs and programs. They are situated in stand 52 in the Sport and Recreation Expo next to the Peak Body Sports Hub.  There will be an info session each conference break during the NSC – so come and hear what this game changer can do for you. 

  1.     The Systems Approach – Sport Australia embraces a new approach to work collectively with industry

Join Sport Australia in learning how all of government and the sports industry can work together to make a generational difference on how we can get more people active. At their stand in the Sport and Recreation Peak Body Sports Hub, an interactive screen will be demonstrating how it could work and the way all parties in the industry can collaborate to form a single vision. This is an awesome opportunity to really shape the future approach that Sport Australia is embracing and aligning with the WHO approach. 

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