National Community Sport Conference

Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th July


More people playing, recreating and participating in community sport and active recreation provides a compelling range of health, community development, crime reduction, educational and economic benefits for communities, groups and individuals. Bringing together global and Australian peak bodies, leading thinkers, practitioners and case studies to showcase how to identify, plan, activate and target growth in community participation.

Sport is More Than Training and Competing

Evolving the focus of the conversation from growing sports participation in traditional sports, has progressed into how play, recreation and fitness activities can be as important a focus as training for sport and then competing. The understanding of specific target audience insights should allow us to develop specific programs, activities and events to firstly activate and then retain more of the community in being active. Is this the focus of what government and sport should be doing? How are other Countries balancing the traditional needs with the new demands of a modern society.

Global Plenary and Keynote Speakers

The National Sport Conference is committed to bringing together the globes and Australia’s leading thinkers, policy makers, service providers and decision makers around growing community sport and recreation participation. The key subject areas for the Global Keynotes and the Plenary Sessions may include:

  • Behavioural Change Has to Drive Changes to Community Sport and Recreation to activate the other 80% of the community
  • The Future of Community Sport and Recreation in Australia – its importance to health, community development, crime prevention, education, economic benefits to society and employment
  • Global Learnings, Local Delivery – Strategy to Policy to Delivery
  • Identifying the Community to Target – insights into who is and isn’t active and what we should be doing
  • Urbanisation of Community Participation – what are people really looking to do in inner cities
  • How would the non-traditional sports and the commercial sector get 5 million more people exercising, recreating and participating in community sport
  • Planning Models for Local, state and federal government together with Sport, health, education and community services to collaborate to optimise facilities and participation

Conference Streams

There will be two workshop streams over the two days for delegates to participate in, including:

  • Programs to Activate
  • Target Audiences

A full program will be available in February 2018.

The key sponsors of the National Sports Convention will be announced soon.