Marianne Kynde Hestbech
Specialist in Active Urban Spaces, Urban Designer – Keingart – Space Activators, Denmark

Marianne’s key competences are within the field of activating urban spaces and urban planning with optimisation of sports infrastructure and facilities.

In every project she aims to create atmospheric universes which invite to movement – it will and should always be a naturally integrated and fun experience for the user. Marianne keeps a curious, playful and experimental mind in her projects, where the key qualities are sensory richness, aesthetics and site-specific qualities.

She has experience in developing urban plan strategies, urban space analysis, user involvement and projects with the purpose of establishing frameworks, content and effects for precisely the people who are to enfold their body’s and their lives here.

Furthermore with her education as MSc Eng. in urban design, Marianne has acquired an analytical and targeted approach which results in projects with a thorough concept and crisp communication.

Marianne has previously in her career worked at the landscape architect firm Urland, the consulting engineering firm Bascon(COWI) and has now been employed by the architect firm Keingart, since February 2017.