Associate Professor Kylie Hesketh

IPAN, Deakin University

Associate Professor Hesketh works within the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition at Deakin University, Melbourne, and holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. With training in psychology, paediatric public health and behavioural epidemiology, she leads a program of research that focuses on physical activity, sedentary behaviours and obesity prevention in children and youth, with a focus on the early childhood period.  

Her research spans qualitative, cohort, intervention, and translation designs. She is currently conducting a number of family-based randomised controlled trials that aim to assist parents to promote healthy lifestyle behaviours from infancy. She also runs a large longitudinal cohort study investigating determinants, trajectories and outcomes of physical activity, sedentary behaviours and weight status from preschool through to adolescence.

A/Prof Hesketh has attracted more than $13 million in competitive funding and published more than 140 scientific papers. She has contributed to the development of public health policy at state, national and international levels. She is on the Executive Committee of Active Health Kids Australia that produces the Australian Physical Activity Report Card.