Kevin Thompson
Director – Coaching and Community – Australian Sports Commission

Kevin has more than 35 years experience working across elite and participation sport in both the public and private sector.

As a sport administrator, Kevin has run a local sporting club, a State Sport Organisation and a National Sporting Organisation (NSO), as well as developed sport wide programs in such diverse places as Brunei and Malta, in association with their respective Olympic Committees.

In the public sector, Kevin is the only person who has worked in all four areas of Federal Government relating to sport – the ASC, the Office for Sport within the Department of Health, ASADA and in the Office of the Minister for Sport.

He also managed the development of the UNESCO International Convention against Doping in Sport and coordinated Australian input into the first version of the WADA Code.

Kevin’s current job at the ASC is to help NSOs to better train and support coaches and officials. To this end, Kevin and his team continue to produce resources for NSOs to use and to explore new ways to build the capacity of NSOs in the coaching and officiating field.