Kevin Luten
Director – Behaviour Design Works

Kevin Luten is the Founder and Director of Behaviour Design Works in Perth. Kevin’s background is in transport planning, with a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Colorado. Since moving to Australia in 2006, his passion and work has evolved to focus on behaviour change interventions in the transport and health domains.

Over the past six years – through projects with state and local governments, private health insurers, and primary health networks – Kevin and the Behaviour Design Works team have delivered behaviour change interventions with over 90,000 households in Australia. Through these projects, they have learned significant lessons about what does and does not work on the ground, working with real people and in real places.

Kevin regularly presents at conferences in Australia, Asia, and North America, and leads introductory and masterclass training sessions on translating behaviour change theories into well-designed implementation programs. His current focus is on using digital tools to deliver mass-personalised change interventions that can scale and improve as they grow.