Katherine Howard

Park & Recreation Planner – Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

Katherine Howard is a policy and strategy specialist with more than a decade of experience in parks, recreation and environmental planning, strategic thinking and nurturing of big ideas. 

For the City of Vancouver’s Board of Parks and Recreation Katherine created the first comprehensive city-wide master plan – VanPlay. The plan projects a bold vision for the future and champions a significant shift in thinking and operating. VanPlay represents a new commitment to the equitable delivery of parks and recreation opportunities in a connected, efficient manner which celebrates the unique history of the land, place and culture.  

Katherine’s experience developing and implementing clear and effective policy is diverse; ranging from coastal planning to protect access to the ocean for everyone despite rising sea levels, using green infrastructure interventions to manage storm water in sensitive environments, to safe-guarding natural areas to ensure ecosystems thrive and to enrich our connection to nature. She believes that strong, vibrant, inclusive communities grow in shared, green, healthy places – and that audacious ideas supported by excellent policy are powerful tools needed to make it so.