Dr Natasha Schranz
Research Translation Manager – Heart Foundation & Co-Chair – Active Healthy Kids Australia, University of South Australia

Since being awarded her Doctorate in 2013 Dr Schranz co-founded Active Healthy Kids Australia (AHKA), a national collaboration of physical activity researchers, and led the production of Australia’s first national Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Young People. Working as the AHKA Co-Chair and Research Fellow at the University of South Australia Dr Schranz has led the development and launch of subsequent Report Cards in 2015 and 2016 while also building partnerships and networks with vested stakeholder, industry and end-user groups to forge a sustainable trajectory for AHKA. In addition to this she has played an integral part of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance as a member of the Executive Committee representing Oceania and in 2017 establishing the AHKA Youth Advisory Council. Recently Dr Schranz has also taken on the role of Research Translation Manager within the Cardiovascular Health Team at the Heart Foundation SA. In this role she collaboratively works with cardiovascular researchers within South Australia, showcases the work being done by Heart Foundation supported researchers and translates significant findings to key stakeholder groups and the wider population. Dr Schranz has published 14 peer-reviewed journal articles; has given 5 invited presentations and has 12 peer-reviewed conference abstracts; was funded for four years (2015-2018) as a Research Fellow by the University of South Australia Vice Chancellor Development Fund; has been invited to be a part of a number of panels and expert groups to inform children’s physical activity policy, initiatives, programs and surveillance methods; and have been the primary spokesperson for both UniSA and AHKA promoting the Report Card and its key messages via extensive national television, radio and print media and delivering presentations to key stakeholder and end-user groups.