Dr Liz Cyarto
PhD MSc BSc(Hons Kin), Senior Research Fellow, Bolton Clarke Research Institute

Dr Liz Cyarto believes you need to ‘use it or lose it’. This means using the wisest combination of physical, mental and social strategies to be your best. Liz is an Exercise Physiologist and Senior Research Fellow at the Bolton Clarke Research Institute. She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at QUT – Queensland University of Technology.

Liz has committed her life and scholarship to developing and evaluating strategies to help older adults flourish, and translating them into sustainable, community-based programs. She embedded her Have a Try exercise program in culturally diverse social support groups training peer leaders to ensure program sustainability. Recently, Liz has been working with the Australian Camps Association to develop outdoor experience programs for older people.

Globally, Liz has been working on “virtual” exercise programs using gaming technology. Her leadership on the online Healthy Ageing Quiz means seniors around the world can assess their current lifestyle to make better choices. Liz’s actionable insights have been shared older people and aged care professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and North America.