Dr Clare Hanlon
Associate Professor, Sport Management – Victoria University

Over 25 years of commitment, Clare is known for her determined pursuit of research, advocacy, and impact to build the capacity of communities and organisations and break down barriers to create opportunities for people in sport and active recreation, in particular women. She provides research and strategic advice to national, State/Territory and local governments, international peak bodies, and commercial organisations.

Clare was a member on the Victorian Ministerial Inquiry for Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation, led the evaluation of policies to encourage women in sport in the leading local government region in this field, led a State review on girls and women in active outdoor recreation, and co-initiated and led projects in South East Asian Regions on women’s needs in physical activity and leadership programs to build capacity of sport organisations and empower women.

Clare is President of the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand, Director of Gymnastics Australia, advisor for a State government, a member on the ‘The Girl Can’ Campaign Advisory Group, and mentors women in their career pursuits as leaders in sport. In 2018 she was inducted to the Victorian Women’s Honour Roll in recognition of her contribution to women in sport.