Do We Need Behavioural Change?

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Is Behavioural Change Needed to Encourage More People to be Active?

Recent insights from the Australian Sports Commission’s Ausplay data results on the levels of activity that adults and children are participating in, is concerning. With only 59% of adults and 2% of children being active enough for a health gain, this means that there needs to be a significant shift on how as an industry we look at activating more of our communities.

Many of the barriers for participation are behaviours which can be changed with different strategies and activations from the traditional approaches the industry has adopted. Behavioural change is difficult and campaigns around these changes need to be sophisticated and coordinated, again something that as an industry we haven’t been that great at.

The initial Global Keynote Session on Tuesday morning of the National Sports Convention will explore this and brings together some of the globe’s leading thinkers, including:

  • Jennie Price – CEO, Sport England. The This Girl Can campaign has changed people perceptions around the world on how to active a targeted audience.
  • Kate Palmer – CEO, Australian Sports Commission. The ASC are committed to creating a more active nation and this will include the repositioning of the ASC which has already started.
  • Kevin Luten, Director – Behaviour Design Works. Explaining theoretical behaviour change frameworks into on-the-ground programs can be a challenge. This presentation will distil abstract concepts into concise steps that underpin successful program design.
  • Greg Oliver, Group Chief Executive and Managing Director – Fitness & Lifestyle Group. How to attract a broader cross section of the community to be more active, fitter and healthier to participate more.

We are then fortunate to have Matthew Michael, Managing Director of The Monkeys, who is recognised as one of most creative geniuses in the Asia Pacific Rim and he will share some insights on how to change behaviours through targeted and coordinated campaigns.

This is one of the three GAMECHANGER SESSIONS that should not be missed.

The National Sports Convention Team



Submissions Closing for the Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards

Are you an individual, not-for-profit, or company in the play, recreation and sport sectors driving innovation to get more people active? Or do you know someone who deserves to be recognised for their role in encouraging more participation in sport and active recreation?

Submissions close this Sunday 1st July for the Australia Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards. These Awards aim to recognise excellence in the following categories:

  1. Programs, Activities and Events
  2. Sports Surfaces
  3. Technological Solutions and Products
  4. Playground Design and Development
  5. Young Innovator of the Year
  6. Marketing and Communications Innovations
  7. Facility Design and Development
  8. The Overall Sport, Recreation and Play Industry Award for Innovation

Each category will be independently assessed by a panel of industry experts and the winners will be awarded with trophies and cash prizes on Tuesday 17th July at the National Sports Convention Industry Networking Evening. Read more…

Make your submission here before July 1: