Building the Best Sport Development Model for Australia’s Sporting Future

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With more people involved in active recreation and community sport, it is important that athletes have the opportunity to progress and achieve their ultimate performance level. In order to do this, there are several critical success factors that require a change in the way we approach thinking about the future of sport. These factors include investment in athlete development, coaching pathways, embracing the right technology, supporting daily training environments, ensuring the right facilities are available, and developing club capacity.

The National Sport Development Conference brings together organisations, key influencers and experienced personnel that are passionate about creating the best environment for an athlete. Be part of the conversation for the next generation of successful athletes, coaches and training environments as part of the National Sports Convention.

The Plenary Keynote Speakers and topics for the National Sport Development Conference are:

  • The International Sports Development Approach – Dave Cove, Chief Executive, Sportspace, Dacorum Sports Trust, UK, will speak about embracing government, sport and education to optimise participation, development opportunities and resource investment.
  • The One Sport Model – Gerard Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer, Golf Australia. Golf Australia are the latest NSO to embrace the One Model governance structure to support game and participation development from grass roots, State/Territory provision and elite opportunities across the whole of Australia. As interest in this model grows, understand the benefits of such a strategic approach and why it should be better for grass root opportunities.
  • For Australia to Succeed we need to Collaborate to Grow the Pie, not just each Organisation’s Slice – Jason Hellwig, Chief Executive Office, Swimming Victoria, will be challenging the thinking on how Australia can truly work together collaboratively to be successful with a single objective.
  • The Australian Sports Commission’s Vision Moving Forward to Develop Sport Performance and Success – Matti Clements, Deputy Director, Australian Institute of Sport.

Following these insights will be a Q&A Panel Session and the opportunity to discuss learnings in a local setting.

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The Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards 2018

The National Sports Convention 2018 plays host to the Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards which recognises individuals, not-for-profits, commercial, play, recreation and sport sectors, in how they are being innovative to get more people active.

The Awards cover the following categories, each assessed by a panel of industry experts:

  1. Programs, Activities and Events
  2. Sports Surfaces
  3. Technological Solutions and Products
  4. Playground Design and Development
  5. Young Innovator of the Year
  6. Marketing and Communications Innovations
  7. Facility Design and Development
  8. The Overall Sport, Recreation and Play Industry Award for Innovation

The Awards will be presented on Tuesday 17th July at the National Sports Convention Industry Networking Evening. Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to all winners. Applications are now open.