According to Sport Australia’s AusPlay data, only 3% of children are active enough outside of school to provide benefits to their health. To counter this, we should be aiming for children to be active seven days a week, with play, recreation or participation in community sport. Children being active at school is also a critical factor.

During school holidays, most schools are closed, and the question must be asked – should Australia be exploring a more holistic approach if we want to get more children active, by encouraging schools to open their sports facilities during holiday periods?

Global and local research has shown over the past decade that physical activity is an important factor in children’s mental and physical health, as well as academic performance. Sport Australia is investing over $200 million in its Schools Program, aiming to increase children’s participation in sport.

Several state and territory governments have mandated sport and physical activity in schools, yet children are still provided with options to play or choose other activities.

The National Sports Convention 2019 will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 24th and 25th July and will explore global and local approaches with expert speakers, including:

  •    Alison Oliver – Chief Executive Officer of Youth Sport Trust (UK) will be speaking on how the UK is working to reverse the current sedentary lifestyles of children.
  •    Michael Nuttall – Executive Officer, Australian Primary Principals Association will be sharing some of the challenges Australia faces and exploring the opportunities for sport and local government to really make a difference.
  •    Brendan Wendt and Andrew Grubba – Ryan Catholic College, Townsville will share the approach being taken at their P-12 school that includes the introduction of a program to encourage activation that has had a high percentage of uptake.

These speakers will be joined by a panel of experts who represent the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER), School Sport Australia and Deakin University and these experts will provide insights on the top three learning experiences.

In addition, the focus on school sport and children’s participation will be covered in many of the conferences at the National Sports Convention. As they are our future, sporting bodies and local government should be investing time into this important cohort.

The full program is now available to download and be sure to follow the National Sports Convention on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for all the latest news and updates.
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