Aquatic and Recreation Industry Tour

Monday 16th July


The provision of community aquatic, leisure and sports centres continues to evolve and attract the broadest community, with centres embracing more holistic health services and the designs now changing to reflect this. Working with Victoria’s leading peak body for community aquatic and leisure centres this Tour will visit some of the latest facilities and listen to some of the leading architects and thinkers on where facilities will be going over the next 20+ years.


Industry Tour

The Tour will visit new key sites around Melbourne and these will be confirmed soon, including:

  • Commercial Premises – What is it that makes the commercial sector’s packaging of content so appealing that more people visit them? We hope to visit two of Melbourne’s busiest facilities to find out why.
  • Leisure Centres – Exploring the latest designs for aquatics, recreation, fitness and programming that encourages the greatest participation into the community.
  • Health, Wellness and Fitness – As such a large proportion of the community are using exercise, recreation and sport for fitness, what are the latest designs and experiences that should be considered?

Final details to be released soon.


Tour Logistics

The Tour departs from the MCEC at 8.30am and will return around 4.00pm, includes lunch and is limited to 50 people. Cost of the Tour will be $125 +GST per person.


Our Collaborators

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