Alastair Cox
Facilities & Quality Programme Manager – International Hockey Federation

Alastair Cox is Facilities and Quality Programme Manager at the FIH. He has almost 40 years’ experience in the testing and setting of standards for the performance of sports surfaces and sports equipment. Having worked with many of the world’s leading international sports federations he is recognised as a global expert on synthetic turf sports surfaces. As author of the recently published FIH Hockey Turf and Field Standards, Alastair has significantly broadened the scope of FIH Standards to ensure that those investing in new hockey facilities, at all levels of the game, benefit from the quality assurance the FIH Quality Programme delivers. Recognising that many do not have the possibility of playing on top level wet hockey specific fields, the FIH Quality Programme now includes a range of community and multi-sport surfaces that allow those building hockey fields and courts to be confident they are choosing surfaces that have acceptable hockey performance, whilst ensuring adequate durability to make the investment sustainable.