Monday 13 – Wednesday 15 July 2020

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre



One Convention, Many Conferences and Events, Industry Backing and with a Single Focus

The 2019 National Sports Convention (NSC) was developed in conjunction with the Australian and New Zealand key sport, active recreation, fitness and facility peak bodies. The 2019 comprehensive program was driven by Sport Australia, Sport New Zealand, Australia’s State and Territory Sport and Recreation Departments, VicHealth and over 20 other sport bodies to align with Sport Australia’s SPORT 2030 vision.

With global peak bodies transforming policy and strategy focus to a systems approach and expanding their horizons to holistically embrace health, fitness, education in a cross sector collaboration, NSC 2019 embraced this focus and was structured accordingly.

In addition, key priorities around participation, facilities, management of community, diversity and inclusion were embedded in the plenary sessions and technical conferences.

Our vision for 2019: Reimagining Sport; more people active with greater participation opportunities.

NSC 2019 was re-structured to encourage greater knowledge sharing, increased networking opportunities and more interactive sessions. With our largest Sport and Recreation Expo ever, there was a dynamic collection of solution providers to connect with, more space for networking, dedicated activation areas and more work areas for delegates to utilise while away from the office.

This 2019 conference program allowed delegates to share one of five key plenary sessions before starting the smaller technical conferences each afternoon.  The plenary sessions were developed to address some of the industry’s key opportunities and challenges that we are facing, including:

  • Participation – how to encourage more people to be active and achieve their potential.
  • Facilities – exploring the importance of urban design to create environments for the community to be more active and what community facilities need to look like to encourage greater usage.
  • Sports Management – growing sports participation requires a greater focus on our customers and how technology can assist us to achieve a greater customer experience.
  • A Systems Approach – exploring what this will mean for the industry together with an emphasis on evidence-based decision making to collectively achieve greater outcomes.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – everyone should be able to have an equal opportunity to participate and be leaders in sport.

What to expect?

Expert Speakers

Our Speaker line-up will be announced soon, sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.

Key Global Policy Makers & Influencers

The line-up will include key industry figures and policy makers.

Networking Opportunities

There will be plenty of networking opportunities, with a range of events, conferences and interactive opportunities.

Join The Jam – Governance Webinars

Good governance is crucial to improving sports integrity and running our clubs and organisations. Sport Australia is seeking your feedback as they prepare an update to sports governance resources. Anyone from the smallest volunteer club to top-level boards is encouraged to join in one of our interactive online sessions being held  from 31st July until 3rd August 2019.

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Conferences & Events

This year there is a wide range of conferences and events that delegates can participate in, including:


  • National Community Sport Conference
  • National Sports Surfaces Conference
  • National Aquatic and Recreation Infrastructure Conference
  • National Disability Sport Conference
  • Disability and Inclusion Masterclass
  • Sports Surfaces Facilities Tour
  • Aquatic and Recreation Facilities Tour
  • Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards


The 2019 line-up of global keynote speakers were from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Canada are joined by additional keynote speakers at the five plenary sessions. The speakers focussed on key conversations that we need to have now, so that we can implement the vision and focus for the next few years.

After the individual global keynote and plenary presentations, the speakers were joined by Australian/New Zealand leaders to discuss and explore the key issues and opportunities raised.

Who Should Attend?

The National Sports Convention 2019 combined with industry key bodies including: Health (WHO, Dept of Health, VicHealth); Education (ACHPER, Youth Sports Trust (UK); Australian Primary Principals Assoc., Dept of Education), Sport (Sport Australia, Sport New Zealand, CASRO, Community Sport Australia, Confederation of Australian Sport, NSO’s and SSO’s, SAHOF, Disability Sport Australia, Disability Sport and Recreation), Physical Activity and Fitness (Fitness Australia, Physical Activity Australia, ESSA), Government (CASRO), Sport and Recreation Facilities (Australian Leisure Facilities Association, ALFAQ, ARV, ARI, IAKS, STA, SAPIA etc.) and tertiary institutions that can provide the latest research and insights.

This allows us to target key industry sectors to participate at NSC 2020 with the following audience in attendance:

  • Decision makers (Board members, Councillors, Ministers, CEO’s and MD’s)
  • Planners and policy makers from each sector
  • Organisations leadership teams (directors, managers and team leaders etc.)
  • Coaches, development staff, program delivery staff
  • University staff – researchers, lecturers and students – our future workforce
  • Marketeers – the people that communicate the messages to get more people active
  • Sports integrity staff
  • Solution and industry providers – commercial, peak bodies, sport and consultants
  • Education sector – Principals and PE school teachers etc.
  • Facility Managers – local government, Not for profit and commercial providers
  • Fitness Sector – facility owners, solution providers, personal trainers etc.